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Crux Gear

Strap 300mm

Strap 300mm

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Worth it’s weight in weight!

Whether you need to attach a dumbell or kettlebell, or if you need to hang from a bar or a tree, this super strong strap is the quick and easy solution.


Use these straps to add length to a cord, or create a loop to hang from, or a quick way to strap things together.

Especially useful when changing weights frequently or when swapping between lifting weights with your Crux Gear and hanging from an overhead bar with your Crux Gear!

Each strap is around 300mm long (plus/minus a few mm) and the steel D-ring is super strong! They are double layered and double stitched, so good luck trying to break them! We used these in our product testing and couldnt even see a sign of strain with almost 300kg of tension.

Grab a few Crux Gear carabiners to pair with these straps and attach all sorts of items to all sorts of places!

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