About us

Crux Gear is a family business that was inspired by the passion of our 14 year old, who loves all things bouldering, climbing and training.

Our aim is to provide innovative climbing and grip strength training products for all enthusiasts by mimicking the randomness of natural rock faces.

Our products are the result of many years of experience in the design industry and we put every effort into producing the best quality products at the most reasonable prices that have the least impact on the environment. We design and manufacture all our products in Queensland and consult with medical and sports training professionals and peer reviewed research.

  • Jonah


    At age 14 this guy has placed in QLD Boulder and Lead titles, has jumped from a plane, scuba dived the great barrier reef, won medals in Jiu Jitsu and will climb any rock he can find.

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  • Neil


    Owner of Deep Orange Design, Neil has been designing and developing new products and inventions and helping start-ups for over 20 years. He surfs, dives and loves making cool things.

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  • Ahvie & Karina


    These two are our styling bounce board. As founder of Image Up Club, Karina's keen eye keeps check on style and visuals, while Ahvie approves designs from the deck of his scooter.

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