Care for your Crux Gear

Like any product, the level of care you put into your Crux Gear will impact the longevity of the product. We make Crux Gear products from a material that is non-plastic but does have similar properties plastic. This means it is not indestructible and will deteriorate over time if left in the sun or moist environments.

Be sure to clean off any dirt and grime as best you can, but don’t scrub with hard abrasives like steel wool or sandpaper. Abrasive materials this will remove material and leave blemishes.

Like many plastic products, the material in Crux Gear will wear over time and the rough texture may start to smooth from over use. To restore some roughness to the area you can gently scrape it with a tool or even very course sandpaper (eg. 40 grit). If possible do this in while keeping with the grain direction of the build lines. Keep in mind though, this will remove material from the area and eventually weaken the part.

When not in use its best to keep your training gear in a clean, dry bag away from heat. You can, and should, use your Crux Gear out doors, but we do recommend storing them away from the elements. Leaving them hanging on a tree on a hot day or in the rain will likely cause the material to deteriorate.

Care for your Crux Gear as you would any piece of climbing or training equipment.

Be sure to read our Product Disclosure and Technical Information to better understand what goes into Crux Gear training products.