Technical info

Our products are unique in design and offer multiple methods of use to allow different muscle groups to develop . The unique geometric designs mimic rock formations to give you a more natural experience in the comfort of your home or gym.

The products have been designed to be manufactured using modern 3D printing techniques, which allow us to include hidden detail of internal structure for strength and create shapes and forms that are difficult to fabricate using traditional manufacturing methods.

We want to ensure that our products are strong, safe and will take a beating. Our “parent company” Deep Orange Design, uses sophisticated CAD techniques to “over-engineer” the parts and simulate high loads to look for weak points and strengthen them.

CAD images of crux gear


The parts are 3D printed using a corn starch based material. This is not plastic so it is environmentally friendly. Unlike many 3D printed products, our brand of material has a matte finish that has small flecks giving a stony look and feel.

This process also allows us to make minor changes to improve the designs quickly and easily. So if you notice a small difference in the product you receive when comparing to the photos on the store it is because you have the latest improved design. More technical info about this can be found here.

We have tested each design by loading them individually with over 100kg for tensional strength and dropped them repeatedly from over 2m onto concrete for impact strength. This is much more than they would ever experience in a normal training environment, so we are confident that if used properly Crux Gear should last many years of training.

We hope to create more products and new designs and we welcome feedback and ideas. Share an idea with us and we can work together to make it happen.