Product disclosure and disclaimer

Product Disclosure

We provide full transparency so you get the most benefit from the use of our products. 

Some parts of the products are produced by 3D printing, which is an additive manufacturing process. This allows us to keep cost down and competitive but also allows us to refine and improve the design easily. We can produce shapes that are difficult to produce using conventional manufacturing methods and if we discover a flaw or come up with improvements, we can implement changes immediately without costly tool changes. So it is not uncommon to see slight variations in products from time to time.

There are some notable features that are evident with all 3D printed parts. Most obvious are the build lines. These are a result of the process of extruding molten material layer by layer to build the part on the printer. Depending on the orientation of the particular geometry of the part, some surfaces show this more than others.

build lines on 3d printed part


Occasionally, small strands of filament or bumps may remain on the parts. Usually these can be removed off with a nail clipper or simply ignored. Do not pull at strands as they may dislodge other layers and reduce the strength of the item.



We “over engineer” the design of the 3D printed parts to ensure they are strong, safe and durable. Our unique geometric shapes provide improved structural strength while remaining lightweight and easy to produce.

We have load tested each product to determine its safe working range. We advise using common sense when applying loads that approach the recommended limit as materials may fatigue over time and become at risk if overloaded. 

The materials we use are non-toxic, plant based and biodegradable in the right facility. However, if subject to excessive heat, sunlight or impact from dropping or being struck by a heavy object such as weights, its structural integrity may be compromised.

If the products shows any sign of damage or deformation it should not be used.

Our products are designed for training purposes only. They should never be used for climbing or at height.

If you have any concerns, complaints or suggestions please contact us here.


We are not training or medical professionals and the use of our products is entirely at your own discretion. If you have any concerns about how the products may affect you, we advise that you consult your medical or training professional. In all cases we advise that you consult a training professional when using any training products.

We are not able to provide advice regarding the use or misuse of our products. We strongly recommend you read and follow our instructions carefully and not use the product in any manner that is not intended or described.

Certain components are sourced from 3rd party suppliers which we have determined to be adequately reputable. While these suppliers do provide load ratings for these components we cannot guarantee their accuracy or reliability.


We are not liable for the use or misuse of our products. Use of our products is entirely your responsibility and any claims against us or our products are limited to the cost of purchase.