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Rock Ball pull up trainer

Rock Ball pull up trainer

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Make a difference on the wall, when you train with a Rock Ball!

A versatile strength training ball with dimpled facets that provide challenging grips that range from pretty easy to ridiculously hard!

Can be used to hang off or with weights or resistance bands.

Each Rock Ball comes with:

  • High-quality 316 stainless-steel eye bolt
  • 200mm double stitched strap with steel D-rings
  • 12KN wire gate carabiner

Packaged in a handy cotton bag.

When it comes to building arm strength pull ups, chin ups and muscle ups are key exercises. Using a Rock Ball allows you to practice these movements with addition of variable finger position grips. The dimpled facets allow you to find a position to place your fingers and challenge yourself to build strength and stamina in different positions.

The swivelling eye bolt reduces stress on the wrists and allows you to change from front to back holds without letting go.

Using the Rock Ball

  1. Attach the Rock Ball using the carabiner and strap in a pair to an overhead point for pull up training, or individually to a resistance band or a fixed weight for single hand training.
  2. Position your fingers close to the eye bolt for an easy grip or move further away for increasingly difficult grips.
  3. Lift yourself, band or the weights according to your workout plan.


  • Lightweight.
  • Swivelling stainless steel eye bolt.
  • Multiple finger positions.
  • Use as single or double handed training tool.

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