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Pinch Rock grip trainer

Pinch Rock grip trainer

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Have the strongest fingers on the block with a Pinch Rock!

A lightweight pinch block that feels just like you are holding onto a rock. With its multiple angles and multiple hold directions you can be sure to get a thorough work out of all muscles groups!

Each Pinch Rock comes with:

  • 500mm length of 5mm dyneema cord
  • 12KN wire gate carabiner

Packaged in a handy cotton carry bag


The Pinch rock is a versatile pinch and grip strength tool used to strengthen your hands, fingers and wrists. Its unique geometric design activates different muscles in a wide range of positions that mimic the subtle uneven surfaces of a natural rock face. This is a bit different to other pinch block trainers that are usually quite symetrical.
The benefit is that your hands get to work on many different “rocks” and are not confined to a single position on the training apparatus.

Using the Pinch Rock

  1. Choose an orientation that suits the muscles you wish to work and thread the open end of the rope through the hole in the desired direction. There are 6 orientations that can be used, each with its own unique geometric variations.
  2. Tie a simple stopper knot to prevent the rope slipping out.
  3. Attach a weight or resistance band to the carabiner at the other end of the rope. Begin with a level that is easy to hold so you can get used to the uneven surfaces.
  4. Follow your workout guide to determine weight, exercise and repetition times.
  5. The Pinch Rock can also be used as a pull-up trainer, however it is important to consider the weight limitations as cautioned below.


  • Lightweight.
  • Multiple orientations, widths and angles.
  • Use as single or double handed training tool.

Colours seen on your screen are intended as a guide only and should not be regarded as absolutely correct.  Colours may vary lightly from batch to batch and differ on your screen. Rope colour will depend on current stock and may be different to what is shownin the image. You can ask, but we cannot guarantee a specific colour.

Care for your product
Clean with a damp cloth and mild dishwashing detergent. Do not subject it to heat or prolonged sunlight.

This product has been designed and tested to support a maximum of 90kg each. Use of this product is subject to the information provided in our website Product Disclosure.
If your product shows any sign of deformation or damage or you have any concern about its structural integrity, you should stop using the product and let us know here.

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