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Mono Rock finger strength trainer

Mono Rock finger strength trainer

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Get your fingers in the pocket, crush that wall like a rocket!


The Mono Rock finger strength trainer has two sized holes, one for mono and one for double digit strengthening. Suspend it from above or attach a weight to and choose if you want the sharp 3mm edge or soft 6mm edge to vary your training.

Each Mono Rock finger trainer comes with a length of cord that can be pulled through to allow different orientations of the single/dual holes.

Mono training is an advanced excersise and is not reccomended for young athletes. If you are over 18 years old and feeling super strong, try doing some body weight lifts with this. That is one finger to lift your body!

It is small, compact and light weight so its easy to carry around or keep handy in the office, at school or on the road.

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