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Mono Pebble single finger trainer

Mono Pebble single finger trainer

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The Mono Pebble is a single finger trainer that can be used to train your finger grip or warm up before a climb. Attach it to a fixed point or to a resistance band around your foot to give those fingers a bit of attention.

One side has a soft Ø4mm curved edge,while the other is just Ø1mm for a tighter challenge.

This is an advanced training tool and is not reccomended for young athletes. If you are over 18 years old and feeling super strong, try doing some body weight lifts with this. That is one finger to lift your body!

It is small, compact and light weight so its easy to carry around or keep handy in the office, at school or on the road.

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Customer Reviews

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Just what i needed

Got weak-ish ring finger and a lazy pinkie that avoids work at all cost. Love that mono has one 90-degree sharp side and the other side is rounded, allows some versatility.
Tried working monos using a corner of a tension block, but the thing gets in the way - this one is compact enough for your free fingers to be wherever you want them to be while performing your set.