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Hang Rock portable hangboard

Hang Rock portable hangboard

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Hang like a pro, wherever you go!

A lightweight and portable hang-board that you can string up at home, at the gym or throw in your bag to warm up before hitting the crag.

Each Hang Rock comes with 700mm length of 5mm dyneema cord and a 12KN wire gate carabiner.


The Hang Rock is a multi-purpose training tool. It can be suspended by the provided cord or permanently fixed to a wall or door frame to be use as a hang board. Or, it can be used upside down with a suspended weight or resistance bands as a grip training or warm up tool.

Unlike wooden hang boards, the Hang Rock has facets at different angles and a matt textured surface, giving the user a more natural rock-like feel.

Weighing in at just 160grm each, they are perfect for travelling or taking to the gym.


  • Two different depth holes 12mm and 20mm for finger training.
  • Overhead flat section for grip and arm training.
  • Multiple angled sides for variable hold orientation.
  • Angled steps to ensure level hanging under load.
  • Three countersunk wall mounting holes for fixed installation.


To use the Hang Rock on the go, simply suspend from a strong point using the cord and carabiner provided.
To mount on a wall or over a door frame, we recommend using a minimum 19mm plywood backing board that can be screwed securely into existing studs or other strong points. Screw the Hang Rocks at a desired width apart into the backing board using all three 5mm holes on each (screws not supplied).

Colours seen on your screen are intended as a guide only and should not be regarded as absolutely correct.  Colours may vary lightly from batch to batch and differ on your screen. Rope colour will depend on current stock and may be different to what is shownin the image. You can ask, but we cannot guarantee a specific colour.

Care for your product
Clean with a damp cloth and mild dishwashing detergent. Do not subject it to heat or prolonged sunlight.

This product has been designed and tested to support a maximum of 90kg each. Use of this product is subject to the information provided in the Product Disclosure on our website.
If your product shows any sign of deformation or damage or you have any concern about its structural integrity, you should stop using the product and let us know here.

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Customer Reviews

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Mark F
Great product!

I love my new hang rock. At first I was worried that it would feel plasticy, but its not at all. With a bit of chalk it feels like a normal hold.