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Carabiner 12Kn wiregate

Carabiner 12Kn wiregate

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Hang on!

These carabiners are handy and lightweight. The perfect companion for outdoor adventures or training at home.

Crux Gear’s Wiregate Carabiner is  lightweight and made from aircraft-grade aluminum with an impressive 12KN strength rating for reliable performance. In English that means it can hold over 1200kg, thats a lot of back packs!

Use it in addition to your existing trainng tools or with other Crux Gear products, or just as a tool to hang things securely and easily.

Available only in black, this carabiner adds sophistication to your gear while remaining agile at just 21 grams.

IMPORTANT! These carabiners are not intended for climbing or life-support activities, so use them responsibly!

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