Capture Every Climb, Every Time With a Phone Stone.

Document your climbs and workouts effortlessly and perfectly every time. Get the perfect shot without the hassle.

Why You Need the Crux Gear Phone Stone

Documenting your climbs and workouts has become essential.

Whether it's for social media, sharing with friends, or improving your technique, the Crux Gear Phone Stone is designed to make capturing those unique wall angles easy and hassle-free.

  • Crux Gear Phone Stone holding a camera for bouldering

    Easy, Reliable, and Inconspicuous

    Everyone’s got a camera phone, but setting up a tripod is a hassle. The Phone Stone is quick to set up and doesn’t get in anyone’s way.

  • Different settings on a Crux Gear Phone Stone

    Designed with Climbers in Mind

    Five fixed slots offer angles from 45° to nearly vertical. Perfect for capturing every climb, no matter the angle. It's the perfect climbing companion!

  • Crux Gear Phone Stone can be used on a plane

    Fits Most Phones

    The 13mm slots fit most phones, even with thick cases. Both portrait and landscape modes are supported.

  • Crux Gear Phone Stone is made from natural materials

    Made from nature

    Made in Australia from plant-based materials—no guilty plastics here! The styling feels like a natural cliff face.

  • Crux Gear Phone Stone fits in a bag

    Lightweight and Portable

    Weighs under 60 grams and fits easily into your climbing bag.

  • Crux Gear Phone Stone colour range

    Made in Australia

    Designed and produced in Queensland by professionals.

Climbers checking video from a Crux Gear Phone Stone

"The Phone Stone is a game-changer! I can set it up quickly and get perfect shots of my climbs every time, it really helps with my training."
-Jonah, Australian National Youth climber

Crux Gear Phone Stone with a camera

How to Use the Phone Stone

  1. Place the Phone Stone on a flat surface.
  2. Choose the angle you need.
  3. Drop your phone into the slot.
  4. Start filming your climb.

Frequently asked questions

Will it fit my phone?

Yes, most likely, even if you have a fat phone protector. The slots will fit up to 13mm thick!

Does it have moving parts?

No. There is nothing that needs setting up or adjusting and nothing that can break off.

Do you ship internationationally?

Yes! We ship to most countires. Just enter your address at the checkout and shipping will automatically be aplied.

Can you do specific colours?

We have a number of colours in our range. But if you want something specific, for example as promototional gifts, we can customise the colour and even the logo! Get in touch to chat about your specific needs.

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